Fmr CO state Sen. Polly Baca tells American: "Go back to Europe"

Polly Baca is a former Colorado state senator and a supporter of illegal immigration who is/was linked into the Western Union gravy train and who served as the spokeswoman for a pro-illegal immigration group headed by Federico Pena.

After Chris Romer's recent attempt to give in-state tuition to illegal aliens failed, she posted about it on her Facebook page. Subsequently, an Air Force veteran named Gregory Williams left a response (link; note that he thought she was still in office):

I, as a Coloradan, am glad your bill got shot down. Colorado has continued to shout 'no amnesty, no special concessions for illegal aliens' and you continue to ignore our voices... Looking forward to the day you are run out of office and me pushing the pitchfork.

She responded thusly (link):

"My family has been in Colorado for several hundred years before your family got here. We founded Colorado and helped write our state constitution. Go back to Europe or wherever you came from. We don't need ignorant people who don't know our history here in this state. Your hate-filled and misguided ramblings don't deserve any further response."

It's merely ironic that Baca is herself European; whether for profit or due to psychological issues she seems to think she's indigenous. What's more important is that her mindset is fairly widespread and all it takes in many cases is a little heated argumentation to bring such thoughts to the fore.


setting us all up for mass Extermination is the Goal of our enemies. think like Americans and fight back for you own life and your nation will live, but do nothing and we may as well walk into that good night. the evil of the third world is here and the devil lives in that house.