The Denver Post's sloppy journalism

Last year a fight broke out during a one-sided immigration forum in Colorado. An anti-illegal immigration activist had attended the meeting and spoke out against the biased panel and the various statements they made. A pro-illegal immigration activist reportedly told her to shut up, and it degenerated into fisticuffs and torn clothing. The pro-illegal immigration activist, Julissa Molina-Soto, was arrested, tried, and eventually found not guilty. However, the other participant, Terry Graham, has brought a civil suit against her and the company that sponsored the forum. A description and pictures of the fight are here, the forum is described here>, Graham's site is here, and see this description of Polly Baca, one of Molina-Soto's defenders.

The sponsor of the forum was First Data, the parent company of Western Union. WU makes a handsome profit off sending remittances to Mexico. They've also created a $10 million Empowerment Fund to support "Latino" causes. And, they also oppose Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) because of his opposition to illegal immigration.

With that out of the way, the Denver Post offers a profile of Molina-Soto entitled "Clash, acquittal stoke advocate's political fire". Suffice it to say that the profile practically elevates her to sainthood. And, it includes the following:

"I want justice and I did not get it in the criminal case," Graham said. She is soliciting funds on a website she runs to pay for her case against Soto. The website for the Stormfront White Nationalist Community also carries a solicitation for Graham.

I've seen some sleazy, pro-illegal immigration statements in news rags, but that ranks right up there. Does the Denver Post have any evidence that Graham is associated with the latter group, posted the solicitation, or even knows that it exists? I used google to search both sites. While I found at least one posting at the group's site asking people to send her money, I didn't find anything at Graham's site that would indicate a link from her to them.

Does the Denver Post know the definition of "yellow journalism" or of "guilt by association?" It barely needs mentioning that no responsible, professional editor should have let that one through.

Note that the article also seems to have a factual error, claiming that Graham was a member of the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform. Yet, that group says: "Neither the attacker or woman who was attacked were members of Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform".

And, note that the Denver Post article is about someone whose race seems to rule everything she does. And, it was written by someone who is presumably of the same race as the subject. And, as described here, many of those who Molina-Soto associates with seem to be obsessed with their race.

This sleazy rag even has an ethics policy:

A strong sense of fair play must imbue our writing, accurately reflecting motives of sources. The tone and language of stories must be even-handed and avoid loaded phrasing.

Contact their editor, Gregory Moore, at gmoore *at* or (303) 820-1400 and suggest they read through their own policy a few times.


What an interesting set of comments. As for Ralph, Graham and her opponent are both female. And, I don't appreciate the use of the term whack, which in my dictionary doesnt imply simply hitting someone.

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That Graham is a whiner. No wonder somebody wanted to whack him.

This is the reality of the USA-oppose those who profit off illegal immigration and you can expect a punch in the head and no justice.

Below a voice from the what used to be called "the Heartland."
We live near East Topeka, where there is a lot of immigrant activity. Whether they are illegals or here on a work visa, is uncertain. There is a trailer that says Tacquiro de Coyote, and it makes me wonder if that person offers coyote services to wetbacks.

The illegals are using the Catholic church there (Our lady of Guadalupe) as a sanctuary and clearinghouse of information and housing, legal, other services. I was also told this by a American Mexicanrepresentative of Topeka Workforce Center . She told me that Resers Food factory in East Topeka employed most of the illegals and forced them to work 12 hour days 6-days a week with NO overtime paid, at minimum wage. They have no insurance, no workers compensation, etc. I guess that makes it a job Americans won

We should remember where the whole Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame story started:

* * *

Valerie Plame should be 'frog-marched' out of Washington

... Joe Wilson's wife is not a foreign spy - she's a desk jockey at Langley (with a cushy place in Georgetown) who's responsible for ... wait for it ... tracking down WMD for our country!

Why on earth did someone with that very important responsbility pre-judge the Niger-Iraq-yellowcake story as "this crazy story"? I mean, its only our national security and stuff - no biggie.

Someone let Val Plame know: the Niger-Iraq-yellowcake "crazy story" turned out to be true.

How many other WMD leads has Ms. Plame given short shrift? Do you know about any more "crazy" WMD leads, Val? Maybe you should go look at those files again. Does her high security clearance prevent her from getting fired for not giving a whit about national security risks for which she's the responsbile agent?

Not only did Ms. Plame dismiss one of the key pieces of intelligence regarding Iraq potentially creating the Arab bomb - she successfuly recommended her gadfly husband to be the sole investigator to go check out the lead! How many millions of dollars go to the CIA for intelligence gathering each year? And yet the only person we have to send to Niger to see if Saddam is building a nuke is ... the house husband of an agent at Langley?

What's next? Will Valerie Plame send the family golden retriever to look for missle silos in North Korea?

This is the real story that the mainstream press won't touch with a ten-foot-pole. What heads should roll at Langley for entrusting our national security to the whims of the Wilson-Plame family travelogue?

* * *

Unbelievable. Shameful. Putting nepotism above national security.

Fire Valerie Plame now. She's a very real risk to our national security.

-nikita demosthenes