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Chimera in a Coal Mine
State of Confusion
A little birdie told me is all a Retweet means. Waiting for Mueller to define Trumpian as "yuger" than Nixonian, more greed, less coherence.
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From @IChotiner
New Interview: Amy Wax, a tenured professor at Penn Law, on her controversial immigration views finding support in…
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From @RealmexiKant
@IChotiner @Coalminetweety Hey @PennLaw do you keep this racist because you agree? Or you just don't care?
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From @Jonesman00
@IChotiner Great interview. Every time a @PennLaw fundraiser calls me I give Amy Wax as the reason I won't be donat…
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From @SarahGrynpas
@RealmexiKant @IChotiner @Coalminetweety @PennLaw She has to stay on the faculty because tenure.
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From @RealmexiKant
@SarahGrynpas @IChotiner @Coalminetweety @PennLaw Tenures faculty members can be fired, it's complicated, but one w…
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From @SarahGrynpas
@RealmexiKant @IChotiner @Coalminetweety @PennLaw I actually do value the academic freedom principle behind tenure…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Jonesman00: I don't know anything about Amy Wax, but @IChotiner only has a job because he pushes the agenda of one of the world's richest men (Slim). The NYT constantly pushes the Big Biz/U.S. Chamber/Koch/WalMart/etc NeoLiberal agenda: loose borders, free trade, & globalism.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Thank you for being a high-minded liberal. Does @IChotiner push an agenda that's a) pro-worker, or b) very, very pro-billionaire? MT @SarahGrynpas I actually do value the academic freedom principle behind tenure enough to not want [Amy Wax] to lose it.