Eric Schmitt's strange immigration talking point (Missouri state senator)

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The video below shows Missouri state senator Eric Schmitt using one of the more obscure and more telling talking points: the one described on the Safe Legal Orderly page.

Schmitt's use of the word "orderly" in the context of legal immigration probably isn't going to raise much notice at all. It's just one word, right? But, how often have you heard someone use it in the immigration context? Yet - as discussed at the link above - a small group of top leaders have all used it, from George W Bush to the Pope. Others using variants on "safe, legal, orderly" include Mexican government officials, the Canadian government, Barack Obama, Gil Cedillo, and Newt Gingrich. Why did they all decide to refer to "orderly" immigration? Are they cribbing each others' speeches, or are they getting their talking points from the same sources?

Note also that Schmitt uses the secure the borders talking point. The video is from a CPAC event in St Louis; the others on the immigration panel the video is from were: Guy Benson, Helen Krieble, Grover Norquist, and a Univision reporter.

It's highly unlike that Schmitt or his aides came up with the word "orderly" on their own, so please take a moment and tweet him to ask where they got it from: @Eric_Schmitt