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News and entertainment for people who love America. Watch @LevinTV, @GlennBeck, @SCrowder, @EricBolling, @DuckCommanderPR & many more!
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From @BlazeTV
Stephen Miller is once again being smeared by Democrats who want to intimidate people into thinking that any discus…
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From @Eric_4_Jesus
@BlazeTV @AnnCoulter @MillerStream We need to vote Democrats out of office.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Since GOP strongly supports amnesty, that's not even a bad joke. The smart way to stop amnesty is to make arguments that undercut Dem leaders. Trump/Blaze/etc don't do that. MT @Eric_4_Jesus We need to vote Democrats out of office MT @BlazeTV [Stephen Miller's being victimized]