Did Sharron Angle oppose Katrina aid? (+a Harry Reid surprise)

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The video below (with audio from 2005) has Sharron Angle opposing the Katrina relief bill, at least from the standpoint of requiring an accounting of where the proposed $62 billion was going to go. The video also has a surprise about Harry Reid at the end.

It's not clear exactly what she supported: did she just want to make sure that the government wasn't going to waste $62 billion on a state renowned for corruption? Or, was she taking a short-sighted, borderline-sociopathic libertarian position and wanted to spend as little money as possible no matter the long-term costs to the country?

In any case, if you oppose Harry Reid, go to one of his appearances and point out to him that he turned his back on American hurricane victims just a few weeks after Katrina, and all just to gain race-based political power.

Script of the video follows:

In retrospect, she had a point: the Katrina response turned out to be a big boondoggle for connected contractors: open bids, multi-multi-level contracting, etc.

Americans were warehoused in other cities on welfare while illegal aliens took jobs they could have been doing. Bush's scheme only helped those illegal aliens, the Mexican government, and his cronies

Everyone else was harmed by that scheme: Bush helped continue welfare dependency, redistributed taxpayer money to Halliburton, and on and on. Bush's scheme had huge, long-term fiscal and social costs.

Whether that's what Sharron Angle was thinking of isn't clear. She leans libertarian, and full libertarians aren't exactly known for their willingness to care about their fellow citizens or to think things through.

Who knows whether Angle would have tried to block some or all relief funds even if it was all above-board.

There is, however, one thing we do know...

Harry Reid and other Democrats helped George Bush with his corrupt scheme.

If Harry Reid tries to use Angle's 2005 remarks against her, ask Harry Reid why just a few weeks after Katrina he stood *for* illegal aliens and *against* unemployed American hurricane victims.

Sharron Angle is hardly a prize candidate. But, at least - unlike Harry Reid - she hasn't turned her back on her fellow Americans in their time of need.

Did Sharron Angle oppose Katrina relief?