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From @SansMerci86
Apparently, my blog is being shared (yes!), though I don't NAME peeps, there are people feeling guilty they are whi…
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From @danie5794
@SansMerci86 @jack @delbius @vijaya @TwitterSafety @twittersecurity @TwitterSupport Your blog is hilarious.
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From @SansMerci86
@danie5794 @jack @delbius @vijaya @TwitterSafety @twittersecurity @TwitterSupport That's what @Ana_Ssassin47 said.
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From @danie5794
@SansMerci86 @jack @delbius @vijaya @TwitterSafety @twittersecurity @TwitterSupport @Ana_Ssassin47
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From @SansMerci86
@danie5794 @jack @delbius @vijaya @TwitterSafety @twittersecurity @TwitterSupport @Ana_Ssassin47 She's cool beans.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SansMerci86: FYI, vijaya & Twitter heavily censor libs replying to Trump officials. Look at their reply pages. The tweets hidden behind the 'Show more replies' links - many from libs - are marked "LowQuality" by Twitter & are shadowbanned. Call TWTR on helping Trump officials.