DHS wants your input on immigration policy, terrorism, FEMA

The Obama administration has a habit of running popular voting systems - flawed systems that allows weak questions and proposals to rise to the top - and they're back with another one. This time it's concerning immigration policy and the other issues in the DHS's purview. They want your input at homelandsecuritydialogue.org

Following a generic "Mission vision Statement", they list their goals [1] and that's followed by six other proposals from private citizens. If anyone wants to sign up and submit a detailed proposal encouraging the DHS to enforce our laws and oppose comprehensive immigration reform that would be able to get a lot of votes, let me know and I'll promote it here and elsewhere.

[1] The goals:

1. Effectively and efficiently deliver immigration benefits or status to the right person at the right time.
2. Eliminate the conditions that allow and encourage aliens to illegally enter and remain in the United States, to include providing tools for employers to ensure a legal workforce, while holding accountable those employers who violate the laws.
3. Identify, prevent admission, and remove criminal, fugitive, dangerous and other removable aliens from the United States while providing safe and humane conditions and respecting the rights of those in our custody.
4. Encourage legal immigration and support the integration of immigrants into American civil society.

Regarding the second, the Obama administration, Democratic leaders, and many Republicans leaders have encouraged illegal aliens to remain and in some cases have practically set up billboards along the border inviting people to cross. Regarding the last, why should the DHS be in the job of encouraging legal immigration? Fixing the number of immigrants lies with Congress and ultimately with U.S. citizens, most of whom would probably prefer less immigration.


DHS probably wants your anti immigrant stance in writing. Then they can add you to a "right wing terrorist" list and not have to eavesdrop and would save time as well.

Leave it to Beaner, DHS wants names just like the third world ruler who are now running the shit In washington. Buy Gu@ for live against the monkeys of government and the evil Army now doing its work inside this once great nation.