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Unfortunately not in T&T
Ex pro, now ESPN. Honorary President of Show Racism The Red Card. Proud Trinbagonian. Caribbean man. Convinced my dad is a superhero. RT's ARE NOT endorsements.
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“HEY THERE EVERYBODY!!!” Got questions for @CBurleyESPN @ShakaHislop @SteveNicol61? Get them to us now for…
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In next month, ESPN interrupts 24/7 basket w 6 soccer games. 2 @ 3am, 3 on same day. Did ESPN CEO Coulter take a day off, or are ESPN execs on the spectrum? RT @SebiSalazarFUT Got questions for @CBurleyESPN @ShakaHislop @SteveNicol61? Get them to us now for #FCExtratime
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.@ShakaHislop: it's *3 weeks* until the next football game on ESPN network during the day. Subtly point out to ESPN suits that Arthur Blank, Robert Kraft, and Murdoch must know something they don't know.
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.@ShakaHislop: it's great to see #ESPNFC acknowledge the #WorldCup, after #ESPN couldn't spend 2.5% of their yearly licensing budget to outbid Murdoch. 2.5%, the cost of a couple of NFL games.