Devin Dwyer of ABC News promotes anti-American bill; would deprive some U.S. students of college

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Devin Dwyer of ABC News offers the four-screen "Legal Limbo: Undocumented Students Eager for Congress to Act" [1] in which he promotes an anti-American bill that would prevent some U.S. students from attending college. If you trust Dwyer's reporting, please visit these two links:

* DREAM Act describes the bill in question and the impact that it would have.
* PIIPP features our multi-year coverage of cookie cutter articles that promote that anti-American bill.

Dwyer uses the recent re-introduction of amnesty - which includes the DREAM Act - as his jumping off point, featuring a few quotes from an immigration lawyer (who represents the subject of the article) and a statement where John Morton of the Department of Homeland Security to a certain extent takes the side of the illegal alien:

"These are very tough cases, very hard cases where you have people who come here in violation of law – no question about it... But they also have fairly sensitive or compelling personal circumstances and we just have to deal with these right now on a case by case basis… [until we] come up with something that's a little more across the board thoughtful that deals with these underlying difficulties once and for all."

The latter is a reference to comprehensive immigration reform, something that would actually make things worse.

Dwyer also quotes Dan Stein of FAIR, someone who I believe has made the limited resources argument against the DREAM Act; he expresses no such argument in the article but it's not known whether he made it and they cut it out in an attempt to make him look worse than they did already.