Dave Weigel lies about Lou Dobbs

At the Washington Independent (parent company funded in part by George Soros and Rockefeller), Dave Weigel offers "Citizen Lou" (washingtonindependent.com/68779/citizen-lou), in which he smears Lou Dobbs and lies about his positions:

What reason is there to believe that Dobbs, a bottom-feeding broadcaster who struggled to draw 800,000 nightly viewers, has a ready pool of voters waiting for him? All I see is a 2006 Rasmussen Reports poll suggesting that a third-party candidate who talked about ending immigration, as Dobbs does, would score 30 percent of the vote. A Dobbs boomlet makes more sense that the truly foolish “Unity 08″ boomlet of 2007, when some retired campaign consultants suggested that some combination of independent-minded politicians should run for office, just because.

1. Weigel says that Dobbs "talk[s] about ending immigration", but Dobbs doesn't do that. If anything, Dobbs is too much of a supporter of legal immigration. Dobbs' position is to oppose illegal immigration and support the legal variety. Weigel is lying.

2. The "Rasmussen Reports poll" in the text goes to this page, which has the full question that generated 30% supporting a third party candidate:

Suppose a third party candidate ran in 2008 and promised to build a barrier along the Mexican border and make enforcement of immigration law his top priority. Would you vote for the Republican, the Democrat, or the third party candidate?

Supporting the third party candidate in that case doesn't equate to "ending immigration", as Weigel implies. That position doesn't foreclose massive legal immigration or guest workers; it would just involve trying to prevent illegal immigration. Weigel managed to get two lies into one sentence.

3. And, of course, there are the de rigueur smears, with Weigel falsely stating that "Dobbs threatens to run on a platform of know-nothingism" and that he's a "bottom-feeding broadcaster".

Weigel has a serious problem with the truth; see his name's link above for more examples of him lying and misleading.


That is normal for dave weigel to lie his ass off and face facts the BS Will not stop until the USA Is in a civil race war.