Dallas School District laid off Americans while seeking H-1B workers (DISD)

From this:

About 50 [Texas] companies, along with [the Dallas Independent School District], applied for H-1B visas for jobs in Texas last year and then announced layoffs of thousands of workers in the state, a Dallas Morning News review of government databases shows... DISD had the most filings of any North Texas entity, with 380 requests for H-1B visas and five for permanent visas... "We're obviously trying to find more bilingual teachers to help us with our population," said school district spokesman Jon Dahlander. Students with limited English proficiency now number 53,785 in DISD, or 34 percent of total enrollment... Dahlander added that despite job cuts of about 1,000 positions this school year, "we will be making new requests in April." He said he didn't know how many.

There are some caveats: not all applications result in someone being hired, and some of the jobs might not be of the same type as those who were laid off.

Back in 2006, the DISD board wanted to hire illegal aliens as bilingual teachers; the main person pushing that was linked to the League of United Latin American Citizens. A year earlier, that board passed a resolution requiring administrators to learn Spanish.


I thought hiring whoever is best suited to do a job (and firing whoever isn't) was called the free market working.