Confronted, Harry Reid claims illegal aliens aren't working construction jobs (note: in Nevada, maybe on stimulus projects)

The video at shows Harry Reid being confronted about not allowing a vote last year that would have required construction companies hiring in regards to the stimulus plan to use the eVerify system. Reid then seems to make the outrageous claim that no illegal aliens are working construction jobs in Nevada [1], and that's the way it's being presented by HotAir [2] and by the low-wattage "StandWithAZ" group (the video was uploaded by them).

Unfortunately, it's not clear whether Reid was referring to all construction jobs or just those funded by the stimulus. In the first case he's, of course, lying through his teeth: as the report points out, Pew Hispanic says that 17% of all construction workers are illegal aliens, and also per Pew, 12.2% of Nevada's labor force are illegal aliens, the highest in the U.S. In the second case, there's very little chance that he's right, but he might be less wrong than in the first case. And, because it's not clear what type of jobs they were talking about - stimulus or just in general - that gives him an out which he may use in the not-very-likely event that Sharron Angle brings it up.

UPDATE: As predicted, Reid has an explanation, even if it's different from the one I suggested above. From

When a reporter from KLAS-TV in Las Vegas told Reid a 2009 Pew Hispanic Center report found 17 percent of the nation’s construction workers were undocumented, the Nevada Democrat replied: “That may be some place, but it’s not here in Nevada.”

Political opponents have tried to twist Reid’s words, saying he believes there are no illegal workers in Nevada. But Reid spokesman Jim Manley clarified his boss’ comments on Wednesday, saying the majority leader was simply disputing the reporter’s statistic and did not say the state has zero illegal workers.

[1] Per HotAir, this is the transcript; note that the video has been edited so there might be other things between these statements:

REPORTER: Why didn’t you allow for a vote?

REID: That’s the reason we need to do comprehensive immigration reform. We cannot do it piecemeal.

REPORTER: You go to the unemployment office, though, and there’s many US citizens who are unemployed construction workers and they don’t have specific jobs because, right now, some of those construction companies find it easier to hire undocumented workers.

REID: I think that any information you have in that regard is absolutely without foundation

VOICEOVER: We told Senator Reid of a Pew Hispanic Center study showing 17% of all construction workers are here illegally.

REID: That may be someplace, but it’s not here in Nevada.

VOICEOVER: But their latest 2009 numbers show that Nevada is the state with the highest percentage of unauthorized immigrants in the labor force.