Condi Rice promotes immigration "reform", bad policy (why?)

Juliana Barbassa of the Associated Press informs us that Condoleezza Rice spoke at Stanford University on Friday and said the following (link):

"We need immigration reform. I don't care if it's for the person who crawls across the desert to earn $5 an hour, or for Sergey Brin, who came here from Russia and founded Google... As a country, we can't have people living in the shadows. It's just wrong. It's not only ineffective, it's wrong... If we ever lose that and start to believe somehow that it is instead a threat to us to have those people come here, we are going to lose one of the strongest elements not only of our national wealth, but also of our national soul... One of my biggest regrets was that we were not able to get immigration reform."

The "reform" she supports will encourage more people to "crawl across" the desert, with some dying along the way: see the false compassion entry. She is right that we can't have millions of illegal aliens in the U.S.; the way to solve that is to encourage them to go home over time. The "reform" she supports would encourage yet another round of illegal immigration.

The second part of her comments seem to be an argument for immigration in general; no national figure - even those who want a moratorium - is fighting against immigration in general. Massive immigration from Mexico does present a threat to the U.S., in that it gives even more power inside the U.S. to the Mexican government and allows millions of people who think the Southwest was stolen from them to resettle "their" land.

The only question is, why would she say this? Is she just trying to help out her old friend George W Bush? Or, does she have some financial stake in the matter? If anyone wants to look into the latter, please leave a comment with anything you find.

UPDATE: There's video of most of what's quoted above here. The video is from Stanford itself; I left a comment linking to this post and let's see if they approve it or moderate it away.


New World Order member ..... and Bilderberger....not a doubt

No. Demographic trends clearly call for some sort of immigration bill, combined with border security. Bush's bill failed because it didn't have a border security component.

Bushs bill failed because Americans knew they were G.D. LIARS and would not enforce ANY security components.! And we don't need a new bill....we need enforcement of the law and cessation of all immigration to allow assimilation of those who are already here....and send some HOME!!!

"Demographic trends clearly call for some sort of immigration bill..." Yeah, something like a bill funding Operation Wetback II.