"The Worst Cases Of Tax Fraud In US History" (lawyers and homebuilding)

An organization with which I'm not familiar has issued this press release:
Americas Watchdog, an advocacy organization focused on corporate responsibility and fair play has just released the results of a two year investigation into national and or regional US homebuilders hiring undocumented construction workers and or not paying federal or state taxes on the individuals, and the results are grim. According to Thomas Martin the founder of Americas Watchdog, "these will be the largest tax fraud cases and or Fair Standard Labor Act lawsuits in U.S. History. In fact it goes well beyond massive tax fraud/FSLA issues, its plain and simple exploitation of individuals who would do anything to feed their families back in Mexico or Central America, and the companies just made more money". According to Martin, " the homebuilders use subcontractors, who were little more than labor brokers. These "subcontractors" in many cases classify the workers as "1099 sub-contractors". The problem; according to Martin; "these were not citizens,these workers were never sub-contractors, they were supervised or managed by the actual builder, or the job site foreman and workers and the taxpayers were royaly taken advantage of...

...Americas Watchdog thinks its time for the nation to deal with the immigration issue and time to right the wrongs of the present and the past. Law firms in every state with FSLA experience in every state, or Law firms with experience in securities fraud are encouraged to contact Americas Watchdog for more information. Americas Watchdog would also like to hear from State Treasures and the IRS to get the ball moving on collecting back taxes and or prosecuting corporate officials involved in this massive wrong doing. While not limited to the residential construction industry, according to Martin, "its the perfect place to start because its so obvious as far as what has happened". Local, State and National News Reporters are encouraged to go out to larger residential construction sites to see for yourself...
While they do support "comprehensive" "reform", the second paragraph sounds like a worthy endeavor.


Another tale from the Herndon Day Laborer Site:

Almost as soon as the official HDLS opened, a number of smaller "unofficial" sites sprang up all over Herndon. The MSM had noted that most of the employers seeking workers at the original site had seemed to be private citizens. This didn't make a lot of sense to me. The Minutemen etc who followed the employers to their work sites quickly discovered that a lot of them were contractors who hadn't bothered with licenses, taxes, business fees, etc and they weren't even from Herndon.