San Diego immigration townhall hearing


It was held in the building you see off in the distance. And, that's as close as I got.

I tried to attend today's big Immigration Townhall Meeting on immigration at the Imperial Beach Border Patrol station in San Diego. I got there about an hour after it had started and after the 40 (forty!?!?) people allowed inside had already been allowed inside the station. About another 100 were reportedly allowed to congregate outside the station, but I didn't even get that far. But, as the picture above shows, at least I got a view of where it was held.

If you find any reports on what went on, please leave a link in the comments. (The real media was allowed in).

And, yes, indeed, this was a collossal waste of time and money. Now, it's off to do some touristy things here.

UPDATE: On second thought, I was actually physically closer to the Place Where Democracy Is Kept, although I was visually further away:

immigration hearings in san diego july 5 2006


so we now have a place that all the drug dealers can go to and work for mexico city and bin laden, "how nice", maybe bush needs a place to tell his friends about how and when to kill Americans?