Jimmy Carter praises Bush on immigration

ATLANTA - Former president Carter, a Democrat and frequent critic of President Bush, sees eye-to-eye with him on immigration.

Carter on Wednesday called the Republican president's commitment to immigration reform "quite admirable," saying he agrees with Bush's support of a system that would eventually grant citizenship to some illegals...


"the race card"

They have no other durable argument -- they cannot possibly justify, logically, filling up America with third worlders who are more criminal and less intelligent than the current population. Not to mention the utter idiocy of amnesty II, which basically continues the precedent of turning over a decision to live in the US over to any and every alien who can work up the wherewithal to get his ass over here.

the race card is being played real well by the enemy, if people can't see what is next the people have it coming, watch what carter and bush do for mexico next, the so called IRS Is planning a 500 billion dollar hand-out-to all new coming! and you will pay for this hand-out- to mexico. just watch what happens next. i will fight when the time comes and yes death will be my wages for freedom, but most of you will die for nothing and see the evil of a third world hell.

At the gym, I saw an interview with Carter on TV, CNN I think...He plays the race card saying he is getting a wiff of racism in the House Bill. How in the hell would he know?

I told you this was a set-up job from the start.

ask who is bush really working for? and i will tell you he hates our freedoms and carter is a little rat. but our so called government are nothing but liers and pigs for the ideals of one world and the NEW WORLD ORDER.

If Dimmy Carter thinks it a good idea, scrap it immediately. It will without a doubt fail, and result in the death of thousands.