May 1 Immigration March and Boycott flyer

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Here's a flyer for the upcoming May 1 illegal immigration march and boycott:

immigration march may 1 flyer

Yes, it's a fake. But, it's pretty accurate too. Feel free to email the link to the photo or repost it elsewhere.

The large size is here.


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Our government knows it just doesn't make sense to deport 12 million people. And I say our government because I'm in the U.S. and I follow 99.99 of its laws. Do you have any idea what a million is? If so multiply it by 12 and you should get the picture. What would America do without 12 million workers? Yes I know it would make the unemployment rate look better but what about all the businesses that have no one to work for them. Is America magically going to pull out 12 million hard working individuals out her ass to accommodate the rich economy that it is now? I don't think so. Imagine all the bankruptcies that our citizens would file for. I'm a human being just like you I eat, breath, and sleep. I'm no less then your beloved pets you cherish in your house. Didn't you learn any morals. How would you explain to a 7 year old kid that his best friend was deported because his parents are considered illegal aliens? What would you say? Oh because he doesn't have papers so we send them real far away in Mexico to make life harder for them? But he was my best friend and his mom gives me ice Any ways I think our immigration laws should be a lot more moralistic. If we didn't do anything wrong and we established lives in America how could you just tell me to leave the country because you consider us illegal aliens because the government fails to welcome their south side quests? Open your eyes. If you opened up a business( consider a business the USA ) wouldn't you have to show a sign of appreciation for your customers(illegal aliens). Just because my skin happens to be the color of honey, because of my skin adapting to the environment of North America doesn't mean automatic separation and hate ness between us. I know you guys might say to me, but Carlos this is not a Mexican thing. I say bullshit! It just happens to be that most illegal aliens happen to be Mexican right? I'm not buying that because our Mexican citizens are discriminated because people stereotype them thinking their wetbacks. So why doesn't the government protect their citizens that happen to be Mexican blood from discrimination by legalizing their brothers and sisters so we can put an end to this? I know but I want you to answer this. You try to say its still not a Mexican or latino thing but what about all the whites that have said it is? I've overheard many times how they say they hate us among my other so called aliens. They always think I don't speak english so they have their racist conversations. Little do they know I speak better english then them, how ironic right? But check this out, instead of me grabbing a hammer and whipping it on their face I stay calm and receive this as information and not an insult. I know we deport others from Europe who come here illegally for example the pollack's. Believe it or not, many of them cross the south border with us. Running through the desert, swimming through the Rio Grande, dodging bullets from racist farmers and coming out of the river with a wetback(get it? they swam and got their back wet). A Pollack who can barely speak English told me that he was about to get deported but they let him go because he has established his life for years in the U.S. but told him not to say a word. So pretty mush it was like they never saw the alien to deport him. So this is why I think of this as a race thing. I agree with protecting the borders from terrorists but not against people who come to work real real hard. And I believe the aliens who have established a life in the U.S. and hasn't committed crimes has the right to be treated like everybody else. If your going to talk to me think realistically because you offend me with your ideas and its very insulting, for God sakes have some respect and common courtesy.

Oh, and PS I have never heard of the problem we have with illegal Canadians sneaking over and breaking our laws and mooching on our welfare. Maybe its because they actually SHOW their pride in their country by making it a nice to live rather than running from problems like you Mexicans do.

Hahaha....your defense is you break our laws because you care more about your families than we do?

I guess if you lose your peach picking job and need money our racist laws against stealing won't apply to you either. and your people are too dumb to even make a logical argument. If you care so much about your family and so proud of your heritage, why don't you just make mexico a wonderful place and we will all jump the fence.....join you and then you can complain about us.

Since you probably don't understand what I just said, I'll translate it into a lower class version.

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OMG you guys need to relax!! We come here to work hard unlike many citizens who don't take advantage of their benefits. I hate to hear whining citizens bitch about us taking their jobs(if they give a job to a immigrant who doesn't speak English, who knows how retarded your interview must've been) and at the same time you want to consider us low class, doesn't make no sense to me.Put yourself in our position and show us American people have hearts(Ignorant bastards will say to this we don't have to show you shit ). What would you do if you can't provide for your family back home, you can't purchase food for them, your kids are starving and crying, you don't have a job because theirs not enough jobs in your country. What would you do? Option A: Wait several years to try to enter the USA legally while you see your family starving, dying, suffering, sick and without money? Or option B: Head north where their is plenty of jobs(I don't understand why you citizens find it difficult to find a job because it takes me literally a couple hours, or couple days at the most to find one, I recently got fired and I was working the next day. You see stop bitching) and opportunity's to provide for our suffering family. If their is any intelligence in you, you would obviously pick option B. I'm just trying to make ignorant people understand that we come here illegally because we care more about our families than your racist laws.( Your illegal/legal bullshit came about in the 1920. Before that it didn't matter how you got into this country. But then some racist bastard brought up the idea to consider hard working individuals illegal immigrants(isn't this some bullshit). I hate it how the the U.S. government helps in the discrimination of my people calling us illegal's and criminals for no fucking reason. You people look at the term illegal as something to do with law, but I don't. I look at it as a right to discriminate. THINK ABOUT IT. You guys are so worried about the Mexican border. But what about the Canadian border where all the hijackers from 9/11 got in from and flew your planes right into the twin towers? Oh Oh I'm sorry, I forgot you guys have bigger problems like all the Mexicans that cross the border to work and join the ducking army. This is fucking ridiculous STOP HATING ON MY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

LOL Hey Bob, what business is that? Please tell us so we can turn your law breakin ass in.

Hey guys stop telling mexicans to go home there not going anywhere there the backbone of my business if you dont like them just shut up

Just what I defense for breaking the laws of the country you want to live in? I guess if we let you stay you will only obey the laws you feel are appropriate as well.

So like Leno said last night......what are the illegals gonna do if we don't meet their "demands"? go home? ok with me, like MOST people of any color....i mow my own grass and either my wife or i cook our food.

Now I DARE any Latino/Mexican to accept this challenge. We are complaing about ILLEGAL aliens, not legal immigrants. Defend why you should be allowed to sneak across the border and mooch off of Americans.

The floor is yours..........

Hey Latino and proud, if your sooo proud then please go home and be proud in your own country. If you want to be an American then be proud of America. For all I know you may have been born and raised here but by making that statement it shows where your loyalty lies. And it obviously isn't with America so get out, you're not wanted here.

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roses are red violets are blue what would white people do with out us latinos.

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This is all so crazy if you ask me, look at everyone. It really don

This is all so crazy if you ask me, look at everyone. It really don

Donnie how the fuck can i be an inbred chickenshit redneck cracker muthafucka if im mexican and i keep on hearing all you white people say leave we dont want you here and then i see i white guy bitching on the news that we are the backbone of this country i swear just seeing this if you only new how corrupt the government in mexico is you would be saying get out it breaks my heart to see this because you dont even know how hard my people have it i was blessed to be born here but please how could you just talk all this crap if you think about you dont belong here becaus your an immagrant unless your a black slave or a native american you dont belong here

Dave, the only "inbred chickenshit redneck cracker muthafucka" is you. If you like these illegal immigrants so much then please pack your bags and move to Mexico or where ever. We have enough stupid fucks in this country. And you leaving would be a blessing to all of us who belong here.

Jim you do have a valid point but it seems that they're all coming anyways and our corrupt government doesn't want to stop it. What we really need to do is take back our own country and get rid of all crooks in office.

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Thats what we need Don, a gazillion more uneducated people living in cardboard boxes to add to our tax bill.

These stupid Mexicans don't understand (or more likely don't want to understand) that America was created by LEGAL immigrants.

A fence jumper taking existing opportunities and an easier life is NOT the same as my ancestors leaving Europe to live and die hard while taming a wild country......without welfare I might add.

I still think they should have had immigration officials at every rally and deported the illegals. Can you imagine what would happen is another group of law breakers (say escaped prisoners) congregated demanding equal rights?

I have the perfect solution to all of this. It's obvious that the vast majority of mexicans want to come to America and even the Mexican government wants them to come here. So let's just take over Mexico and make it the 51st state. No more boarder problems. I know, it presents a whole new set of problems but it's what most of them want anyway.

parent, I vehemently disagree. Home school may in fact be a very nice option for some (under the guise of personal choice, not force). But for those that actually work for a living, this is hardly a serious answer to teachers speaking in a foreign tongue.
Which brings me to "Why not just learn Spanish": I assume you have not ever taken a language course. If you had, you would know that speaking at full velocity on subject matter not intended as a language curriculum, with words that have multiple syllabic references, would be impossible for children or even gifted adults to comprehend.
No, the answer is not pull your children out of school to stay at home, while the foreign students occupy the classes at exorbitant expense.
No the answer is not sitting in and learning a fun new language while failing all other courses and forging on unprepared for the next grade.
If an illegal immigrant enrolls a child that cannot speak the language, then this child should be in a class that teaches the English language especially as a language course, not as a normal text class which would interfere with the rest of the schedule and required curriculum. This child would be required to catch up. This also should not be at the expense of English speaking children or their parents tax dollars. In American schools in it has always been the case that if you cannot reach the goals of the class you are in, you are placed in the next lowest class until you are at a level you can succeed in. Why would illegal immigrants get to bypass this basic rule of learning? Why should our children be suffering for this and why should we be paying for it.
How many know what the national debt is? How many know how much of that debt is due directly to the welfare costs of illegal immigrants? Do not stop short by thinking that welfare is single item. Immigrant Welfare is everything associated to the upkeep of the people supported by it. This starts at the border, police, hospitals, public services, dmv, insurance companies, roads/highways, parks, schools and even city refuse facilities. This is only a small list; this affects every part of our lives. Only the few in the upper income brackets are disillusioned, as they cannot see the effects of things that they do not care about in the first place. Higher income almost always means private school & private doctors. It is all too easy for the fortunate to say;

In my city, a brand new 3-story very nice apartment building was completed and is designated as a low-income property. There are 100 apartments. The parking lot is full of nice cars and trucks from BMW's to Lexus to Brand new 4x4s it looks upscale. One problem though: the occupants of this building pay no rent, no insurance, no taxes and have no responsibilities.

They go to work like the rest of us. But they keep every cent they earn. Americans pay their rent, Americans pay their taxes, Americans pay their medical bills, and Americans pay their utilities and even for food. Who are these people that do not pay rent, have free medical and free ride to school and get free grants to the local Jr. college? These people are Illegal immigrants, which happens to consist mostly of Mexicans.

These people that are protesting in American streets are getting a free ride on the backs of many generations of hardworking tax paying responsible American citizens. This is not to say immigrants are not hard working, because they are. The difference is the responsibilities and the fact that they do not contribute back to the system at all. They work very hard to tear the system down, even thought the system is housing and feeding them.

The more children they have or claim to have the more checks they receive. Average $400.00 per child every month. This is on top of free housing, free utilities, food stamps, free medical and free schools.

They go to our children

Alexa, this is not about the honest workers that will remain afeter the 11 million welfare absorbers are relocated back to Mexico. It really does not matter who picks the fruit or does any of the jobs. What matters is the America that is being paid for by everone EXCEPT the illegal immigrant regardless of their race. Laws are created for a reason. To ignore the laws for personal gain and to support those that do is the best reason to put a portion of the 2 billion a year spent in social services spent on illegal immigrants to work on building a WALL a very big wall.


Why is it that illegal immirgrants take such pride in breaking the laws and sneaking in. You want to be a part of america?bullshit. The work americans wont do??WTF?you think we didnt clean toilets or pick fruit before mexicans came here?this country was built by agriculture and immigration (legal immigration). Immigrants that came over on boats and were all registered and documented. There were strict limits on the numbers of people that can come in. If your so goddamn motivated why dont you fix your own broken country and make a Mexico worth living in.

Its funny fuckin stupid white's are always trying to blame somebody first black people then asians then black people then mexicans then they blame Middle easterns then mexicans.there so fuckin stupid they dont want us here and i know a stupid white person is going to talk shit when they read this so fuck you in advance always bitching and trying to blame a race for the the problems of the country it's not our fault your paying 5 dollars a gallon of gas or do you suddanly think were going to plan a terroist attack by not washing your fuckin stawberries or rigging your toilets fuck it you want us to leave fuck it we'll leave then you'll be the first ones bitching what happened to carlos mencia george lopez eva longoria tequila and taco trucks stop bitching this is the land of the immagrants land of the free all that shit right.

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But leave all your women.....they are pretty fine till they get to be 40. We can send them back then.

Teach us a lesson and go home bean boy

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I think we ought to go to the rally and deport all the fence jumpers

hows the weather out there hot you stupid fuck you walking around yellin about right nobody cares get back in your u-haul and head back where you came from!! fuck this whole boycot thing what the fuck things here in vegas are going how thay always are but i see alot of white/black people alot happier today cause we can speak english today fuck i think us whites should boycot you fuckin idiots DONT GO TO WORK TOMORROW FUCK TAKE THE WHOLE WEEK OFF WE DONT NEED YOU!!! yuo know why the mexico has no sports teams right,,, because all that can run ,jump swim are all over here LOL YOU STUPID FUCKZ

You stupid mexicans are showing your true colors. No wonder Americans (white) hate you. You don't want to be part of our country. You have no love for us or our ways. You deserve nothing. And if you do "riot" then it will only seal the negative and righteous opinions that you are worthless and hostile and deserve nothing.

This is what a white dude wrote on yahoo

Immigrants Demonstrate Economic Clout By DAVE CARPENTER, AP Business Writer
48 minutes ago

Illegal immigrants made their point Monday: Without them, Americans would pay higher prices and a lot of work wouldn't get done.


As nationwide demonstrations thinned the work force in businesses from meat-packing plants to construction sites to behind the counter at McDonald's, economists said there can be no dispute within the context of the contentious immigration issue that the group wields significant clout in the U.S. economy.

"If illegal immigration came to a standstill, it would disrupt the economy," said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's "It would lead to higher prices for many goods and services, and some things literally would not get done. It would be a major adjustment for our economy, for sure."

Another economist, Diane Swonk, said it would be an economic mistake to restrict entry and work rights when revising immigration policy.

"Given the obvious hardship of having illegal aliens flooding in, we also know they are critical to the functioning of the U.S. economy," said Swonk, chief economist at Chicago-based Mesirow Financial. "To be turning our backs on people who want to work is kind of silly in an environment where you've got tight labor markets and we're getting older and need younger people to work."

While the full impact of the one-day Day Without Immigrants boycott was hard to immediately gauge, it was palpable in some industries with a heavily Hispanic work force. On-the-job turnout was dramatically lower at some locales in the meat-packing, masonry, restaurant and landscaping businesses, and numerous firms closed for the day.

Mike Collins, who owns 500 acres of Vidalia onions in southeastern Georgia, was forced to shut down his packing shed and postpone his harvest when none of his 175 seasonal workers showed up.

"We need to be going wide-open this time of year to get these onions out of the field and we have nobody working today," he said. "Losing a day in this part of the season causes a tremendous amount of problems."

Tyson Foods Inc., the world's largest meat producer, shut five of nine beef plants and four of six pork plants in anticipation of widespread absences. Perdue Farms Inc., the nation's third-largest chicken producer, closed eight processing plants in seven states. Cargill Meat Solutions, the nation's second-largest beef processor, gave more than 15,000 workers the day off and closed plants in six states.

Gold Kist, another poultry producer, shuttered two North Carolina plants and operated its two Georgia facilities at reduced productivity after many employees failed to heed requests by the company's managers and CEO to show up despite the protests.

"We've tried to be open," said Wayne Lord, a vice president for the Atlanta-based company. "They were urged to come to work today because of our focus on satisfying our customer requirements."

Others publicly supported their employees' cause. Arthur Velasquez, founder and chief economic officer of Azteca Foods in Chicago, said he was "extremely proud" of his workers and noted that illegal immigrants keeps alive companies that need seasonal employees.

"It's a seasonal situation, so people need workers right then and there," he said. "And either that or they don't survive."

Many companies rediscovered what they already knew: They can't operate effectively without the extra help.

Work sites operated in the Washington, D.C., area by Beltsville, Md.-based Manganaro MidAtlantic, a concrete and masonry company where immigrants comprise up to 75 percent of the work force, were quiet Monday. John Livingston, a business developer for Manganaro, said his firm has not been able to fill its staffing needs without immigrants for more than a decade.

Low attendance also was the story at hotels in Indianapolis, construction sites in Miami and plant nurseries and landscapers across a wide area.

McDonald's Corp. said some of its employees participated in the rallies, prompting it to operate an unspecified number of its nearly 14,000 restaurants with limited crews, shortened hours or drive-thru service only. The Oak Brook, Ill.-based company did not provide further specifics but released a statement saying it strongly supports U.S. immigration reform.

Carl Tannenbaum, chief economist at LaSalle Bank in Chicago, said the boycott underscores that immigration is not only political issue but a big economic one, too.

"The American economy really relies to a large extent on a growing labor force," he said. "There's a certain replenishment to the labor force that immigrants provide, and I think we have to be careful about taking steps that would hinder that process."

If the May 1st march is to be effective perhaps the Illegal immigrants should wave the American Flag and their signs should be in English. The language in the United States of America is English - if you prefer Spanish there is a country near by that speaks that language.

The immigrants are boycotting all American businesses - Will that include the hospitals that provide free emergency medical care to people without insurance? Or will they accept that free help on May 1st as usual.

The government should see which companies and businesses are most effected by the strike. That would be the first place I would check for illegal immigrants on May 2nd.

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FINALLY SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT. I WAS WONDERING WHEN SOMEONE WOULD TELL THE WHOLE FUCKING TRUTH AND NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WHAT THESE FUCKING BEANERS THINK.THESE BITCHES JUST COME AND TAKE OUR JOBS AND THEY NEED TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR COUNTRY.. LEARN ENGLISH BITCHES..hahaha i had this bitch for a min. like "hell yea" haha this bitch over here like "hell yea this white brother knows wat he sayin"..haha well well i was wondering what other dumbass was going to make a stupid racist comment.. well i guess you're here then.
GOD.. how many times am i going to have to say the same shit !!!
you ignorant bastard. you are nothing more than an idiot brought up to be a nobody!
you should be kicked out of this country..
annoying little bitch.
dont you have a fucking job or something else to keep you busy.. o thats right the immigrants do the jobs for you.
god you need to stop writting all this fucking nonsense. learn your shit and dont just write shit for the hell of it.
i hope that you are 9 years old because if you aren't than i feel sorry for your family who would be brought up with such ignorant as a father. but i know its.. its not your fault.. its your parents, you just were not brought up like the rest of us.
Bitch go to hell and just shut the hell up you're just trying to start shit because that is the only attention that you will ever get from a mexican. you dumbass racist bitch just need to go back to your family tree. you are an immigrant. just because you were given the tittle of citizen does not mean that this is your country. BITCH i was born here but this dosent mean that this is my country.
i like america, yes, but its not my native country. god you stupid ass.. you make me laugh you dont piss me off. its just funny to me how you say " ps, anyone who supports illegal immigrants should be shot on sight as a traitor of the usa" and you tell the girl that her grammar sucks.. bitch write it the right way.
its " as a traitor to the united states of america" you must be a very naive person to belive this.
a word of advice to all the dumbasses who think like he does... wake up and stop beliving your lies before you get lost in your own ignorance.

PS, Anyone who supports "illegal immigrants" should be shot on sight as a traitor of the USA.

Ashley, please remove your head from your ass. It's obvious that you don't have a clue what is going on. It's also obvious that you not only support the criminals but looking at your grammer you are probably one yourself. It would be in your best interest to sit down, shut up and not bore us with your "uneducated" useless dribal.

Ok... i dont know why the damn US wont leave the Immergrants alone! They are not causing any trouble,and all they want is to be treated as american citizens. And for one thing--i dont hear when damn grigos go into mexico for "vacation" do mexicans make a big damn deal about that--HELL NO!! Isnt American supposably be a "big mixing pot"? well when i think about it, i found this country to be more and more raczism then any thing else. And if u look up ur history, correctly, i do belive that everyone is a immergrant,except for the Native Americans. So what? are we suppose to kick everyone else out the country??????

When I was growing up in chicago Mexican were not a race but people from a country, just like Italians, Irish, and Polish. In fact why are Italians called WOPS (Without papers). They are called this because they came here without any papers at all. What I do not understand is why Mexican labor in chicago is considered messed up. It is fine, we are not California that was full of racist protestants. We are Chicago, We are all immigrants many of us came here illegally at first. America is made of illegal Irish, Italian, and Polish people what made MExicans not white, I think is the crazy Protestants in California, my family was not considered white until the 1970's they are Italian Catholics. We are all Americans, these marches turned into a race thing because people in California do not understand they are anti a religion not a race, my family is very dark complected Italians that are way darker then most Latino's. Why am I different then the marchers today? Somebody please tell me.

you fucken ignorant asshole...what the fuck are you talking about, no mexicans around..look bitch who the fuck is gonna feed u today...u know those veggies u consume everyday a mexican picked them out of the fields..dont be so fucken ignorant and be hatting on hispanics..get your facts straighten out..i agree fuck that girl kelly..what an ignarant bitch....and let me just get this straight, its not only mexicans who migrate the u.s , its everyone....dont be stupid!the whole u.s. started because people came here and colonized this country.... so fuck all of y'all who think like some fucken people...