Bush plans crackdown on word "illegal immigration"

Sometime today, president Bush will pledge a crackdown on the words "illegal immigration" and "illegal alien", Pravda reports. This move - codenamed "No Lie Like a Big Lie, Part #39212" - will attempt to convince as many Americans as possible that Bush is looking out for the best interests of this country.
President George W. Bush is trying to build support for a comprehensive immigration strategy _ and mollify conservatives wary of his guest worker plan for foreigners _ even though Congress has largely shelved the issue for now.

...The president left his Crawford, Texas, ranch after spending nearly a week there for Thanksgiving, to pitch his plan in Tucson, Arizona, on Monday, and El Paso, Texas, on Tuesday. The border states are home to Republican senators who have been vocal on the need to change immigration laws but who aren't entirely sold on Bush's vision.

The president's plan pairs a guest worker program for foreigners with border security enforcement, an attempt to satisfy both his business supporters, who believe foreign workers help the economy, and his conservative backers, who take a hard line on illegal immigration.

In Tucson, the president planned to aim his remarks at those conservatives, emphasizing his proposals to secure the border, remove people who enter the country illegally and strengthen enforcement of immigration laws. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid asked Bush in a letter Monday to encourage bipartisan and realistic reforms to immigration laws...


Fred's harmless

I just read the comments of A CHRISTIAN PROPHET.
I also read the comments of FRED DAWES.

A CHRISTIAN PROPHET sounds like an idiot.
FRED DAWES sounds like a dangerous man.

Scoot over Fred, cause I'm gonna get in and ride shotgun with ya.

No A Christian Prophet the problem is the borders and the low life people coming over it with hate for this nation. my prophet is this, if people don't see the facts of the third world Rats you will live like the third world pigs, death to all who hate the USA, But the question is who is the real enemy? some great guys said a-long-time ago "if you can't keep it free you can't have it".

blood in the end will tell who will keep it.

I shit on the flag of mexico and china and any other third world hell on earth, get what i mean?
its the people who make a nation and a people who keep it.

The Holy Spirit's message on The Christian Prophet blog finds that borders themselves are illegal, and the problem is not borders but the welfare state.