Senator Lindsey Graham: there are no votes for enforcement-only

From this:

"The only way we're going to get Ag jobs or DREAM Act" or pathways to legal status for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants, [Sen. Lindsey Graham] said, "is to do it together. This idea of 'Just do the enforcement,' there are no votes for that."



Actually, I would think most of them would have a very difficult time voting against an enforcement measure. For the simple reason that enforcement was part of the bill just defeated. And it would be very easy for supporters to make the case that the enforcement bill does not preclude consideration of some 'adjustment of status' in the future, but that it is important to do something to secure the border first. Graham really is stupider than the average senator, and that's saying something.

We should just tatoo a big mexican flag on Graham's forehead. It's too obvious what a traitor he is. This rat needs to be expeditiously removed from office.

The fine folks in Lindsey Graham's home state should remind him, "This idea of 'Just re-elect Lindsey Graham ', there are no votes for that." Fitting result for his representation of the public.

I am tempted to move to S Carolina JUST TO VOTE THIS TRAITOROUS CREEP OUT OF OFFICE! Would love to see him compete with an illegal for a job!!!

I would like to prove this sissy wrong just as we all did with the AMNESTY bill, bi**h.

No, there's 300 million votes for enforcement only--but we are only the citizens, and they are our masters!!

Well Lindsey, When we vote you and others out of office, there will be sufficient votes for enforcement only.

GOOD POINT eh and mary we should all move to washington to remove our enemies at once before this bill comes into the back door in the dead of night without us knowing about the evil act, its not dead yet and the rat's behind the bill want us all dead who talk out against this bill of evil. watch out for the next two week Bush Order the IRS To start it's attack on the people.

Put it to a test. Hold a national referendum on whether or not we want enforcement only. I'll bet you'll get plenty of votes then, Senator Grahamnesty.

We should have a ONE WORD March on Washington................. ENFORCEMENT!!!