Sen. Lindsey Graham: America just an idea, "we're going to tell the bigots to shut up"

The video here shows Sen. Lindsey Graham speaking at an event sponsored by the extremist-funding group the National Council of La Raza ("The Race") and saying:
An American is an idea... no group owns being an American... nobody owns this...
The charitable interpretation of his comment is that he means that no racial group "owns being an American". The less charitable interpretation would point out that American citizens own being an American, something that Lindsay Graham appears to have forgotten.
I want to thank John McCain for being a leader... I don't do this much, but I want to thank Ted Kennedy... because those two gentlemen got this thing [immigration "reform"] started and the rest of us are trying to figure out how to get there...

...we need to find a way to get people right with the law... we also need to understand that if the law means anything, you have to have a just result... a nation we have looked the other way... we have welcomed the workers to do the things the economy needs to do... all of a sudden, we start talking about how bad this problem is... we've all let it get out of control and all of us have to fix it...
Not so fast. Our "leaders" like Graham as well as corrupt businesses and racial power groups like NCLR are the ones who've let it get out of control, not the rest of us.
[...homoerotic interlude deleted...]

On behalf of the Dan Garzas of the world, we are going to solve this problem... we're not going to run people down, we're not going to scapegoat people... we're going to tell the bigots to shut up, and we're going to get this right.


The next time someone says "Americans need to do something about the bloodshed in Darfur," ARGENTINA CAN SEND IN HER TROOPS!

I wash mexico city would send in its troops but most are coming here to take control, the Race ( La Raza ) OWNS OUR SO CALLED LEADERS, So who is working for you? two words..NO ONE! that is telling you what its all about hispanic racism has taken the place of white racism whites are not wanted, and as this evil little government starts to-become only hispanic you may-as-well jsu walk into the Gas-Chamber, After all that is what La Raza has been telling you for 20 years, ask where is the money coming from? see Alex Jones.

There's nothing stopping millions Mexicans or people from any other country from adopting "American" policies and culture and law-in Mexico or anywhere else for that matter, for our saek I wish they would. Go ahead, make my day become an "American" in your home country, there's nothing stopping you, certainly not Americans, Lindsey Graham is absolutely correct, "Americans" do however own America and our own destiny at least until the next amnesty, after that I'm not so sure.

This is rich, the new Mouth of the South telling those he deems bigots to "shut up."

Good point Smitty. There's nothing stopping people from all these other countries from "becoming American" in their own countries.

this is so much fun, we have only one destiny fight now or become part of some third world history book.

I want to thank Ted Kennedy!? Lesson for Lindsey: when pandering to this extent make sure no one else is listening 'we also need to understand that if the law means anything, you have to have a just result...' Just result? Translation: it's OK not to enforce immigration laws because the very concept of borders and exluding anyone is unjust. 'we're going to tell the bigots to shut up' Meaning of bigot: anyone not for an open border and mass immigration? anyone not for CIR? anyone against amnesty?

I have had contempt for this swine since last years debate on this issue.....How he can sit there and spout this nonsense and not feel ashamed is one main reason why the whole lot of them should be tossed out on their ears!! ( Except for a few...Jeff Sessions, Rohrbacher,Ted Poe, and a few others....the rest bought by corporate interests and have mucho money in their freezers.