Lindsey Graham: opposition to amnesty like anti-Semitism, anti-Catholic bigotry

Senator Lindsey Graham was interviewed by George Stephanapolous on Sunday and said lots of interesting things (link, via this).

Near the end, he says this about the opposition to the Senate's massive illegal alien amnesty:

We've been down this road before: no Catholics, no Jews, Irish need not apply

He also said that Republicans should realize that the Senate's bill is the "best [they're] going to get". He also blackmailed the U.S., claiming that if "reform" isn't passed "the 12 million [illegal aliens] become 20 million... the borders continue to be broken". Of course, that would not happen if our laws were enforced.

He also wondered whether we're "going to let the union halls and the talk radio take over this debate".

He also said the following which, were he not on Teddy Kennedy's side might have resulted in outraged leftists:

our culture is under attack... we're not going to give our culture away [under the bill]...

And, finally, he made an outrageous lie:

[the bill says to "illegals"] you stay here on our terms

Obviously, the bill caves in to illegal aliens and validates their attempts to make shows of force across the U.S. by marching in our streets. Of course, he's not the first person to try to sell a massive capitulation as a victory.


Lindsey Graham = the ultimate traitor. Amazing how this rat can perpetuate all these lies and get away with it. No wonder he got booed in SC. I'm not sure there's much more room in that bed he shares with Bush, Kennedy and Mexico.

_Of course, he's not the first person to try to sell a massive capitulation as a victory._ No, he's not. But for his...unctuous sanctimony, his insulting condescension, Graham is the worst of the lot. You want to kick his teeth in.

Kicking his teeth in??? HMMMM There is nothing I would like better than to kick that phony smiling condescending look off his traitorous face!

Huckleberry Graham is up for reelection next year. Does he have a Immigration Restrictionist running against him in the primary? Because it seems to me that he is extremely vulnerable.

The Grahamcracker is toast. He will go down in flames next year, guaranteed.

eh & AJK RIGHT ON THE MONEY. And it is all about Money and the Selling Out To Other's who Hate Our Freedom's.