Todd Palin, husband of Sarah Palin, and I share common, sacred bond

Todd Palin - the husband of John McCain's vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin - and I share a common bond.

Todd (as I call him) is part native Alaskan, that is, part Eskimo.

Distant relations of mine are also part Eskimo.

Todd understands the trials and tribulations of those distant relations of mine. I don't know what those trials and tribulations are because I've only seen those relations in photographs, but I'm sure they are several.

While I am not part Eskimo, they are. And, when I look at Todd, I see them. They are me, and I am they. Todd and I share a common bond. Todd is one of us, and I am one of Todd's.

Therefore, I shall vote for McCain, and thereby vote for Sarah, and thereby vote for my brother Todd.

If you don't share that common, sacred bond that I and Todd share, maybe this will work.

UPDATE: Why does Heather MacDonald hate my brother Todd? (link)


What is her position on illegal immigration? Do you know? That's the only thing keeping me from voting for McCain at this point.