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Roberto Abramowitz
Upstate New York City
Broadcaster for NYCFC radio, NFLonCBS, HBO & others. Ex-ESPN Dep./Int., ESPN Dep. Radio. Editor for Fútbol Mundial. Gringo de nacimiento, Chilango de corazón.
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RT @TaylorTwellman: .@bguzan talked about last week’s shocker & how @ATLUTD will define success in our @Heineken_US @ESPNFC #BootRoomBus #M…
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More #soccer visible to more people = better results. That means urging networks/ESPN to show more soccer, urging teams to cut a deal to get on network/ESPN even if they take a cut, etc. All you ~agree, right? MT @RobAbramowitz RT @TaylorTwellman: @bguzan talked [to me] about...