Arnold Schwarzenegger: don't blame illegal aliens for California budget woes

Continuing his descent into becoming a PC Democratic clown, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was asked today what he wants to do about the costs of illegal immigration on the state. He said blaming illegal aliens would be a "big mistake". How about we blame illegal immigration supporters - or passive enablers like Arnold himself - for their actions, which have indeed played a role in the state's financial difficulties? Unfortunately, whatever the original question was it wasn't subtle enough, enabling Arnie to basically engage in lawyerly obfuscation:

"There is, you know, always a time like this where you start pointing the finger at various different elements of what creates the budget mess, and, you know, some may point the finger at illegal immigrants... I can guarantee you, I have been now four years in office in Sacramento, I don't think that illegal immigration has created the mess that we are in."

It certainly hasn't "created" it, but it has played a role. And, if Arnie had fought those who support illegal activity - such as Fabian Nunez - instead of collaborating with them, he could have had an impact on both reducing illegal immigration and also with cleaning up Sacramento in relation to other matters.


That would be racist. You should really 'stop the hate'.

he needs an intervention with new writers & new scripts, more action less talk. We need the Conan Arnold, not the kindergarden cop Arnold. I just don't get his Socialist bent.

He must want to continue watching his state crash and burn.

Arnold is just a rat guy for the mexican government and he has always been just that a Rat. sad to say most did not get what he was really all about and he is all about taking your life and making your kids into some mexico city hell show. buy guns and be free soon the rats will start to pick people up for talking against THE GOVERNMENT, See new laws in Congress.

"I just don't get his Socialist bent." Conan the Barbarian has become Conan the Lutheran.