Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger promote corruption, try to fool people about "unbanked" program

Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger join forces to offer "Beyond Payday Loans". The two promote plans to help the "unbanked" (those without checking accounts), and in so doing completely mislead about the seemy underbelly of their proposals: the San Francisco program they mention is designed in large part to give banking services to illegal aliens. They don't even hint at that:
...[The American dream] is harder to achieve for millions of Americans because they spend too much of their hard-earned money on fees to cash their paychecks or pay off high-priced loans meant to carry them over until they get paid at work.

...This year, California will become the first state in the nation to launch an effort to help unbanked residents open starter accounts -- the first step into the financial mainstream...

In coordination with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, we will partner with financial institutions to increase the supply of starter accounts that work for unbanked consumers and banks. We will form regional coalitions of financial institutions, mayors and community groups to market accounts and help the unbanked build financial literacy. And we will build on work already being done in San Francisco, where city officials, working with banks and credit unions, have already signed up 11,000 individuals who previously had no checking or savings account...
They also mention that the William J. Clinton Foundation's Economic Opportunity Initiative will be helping spread the San Francisco scheme to other cities.

The San Francisco scheme boils down to the FDIC trying to help banks profit from money that was earned illegally. Instead of fighting against such government corruption, Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger are promoting it. Pardon me if I have difficulty thinking of both of them as little more than crooks.

UPDATE: Please contact Arnie and let him know what you think: or better yet give his office a call and select the option to speak to a live person: 916-445-2841. And, per a note here, Kevin James of KRLA AM 970 will be discussing this on his show tonight (9:00 - 11:00 pm PST).


Notice he refers to 'Americans' over and over--maybe he means North Americans. At first I didn't realize it was Clinton talking with all the WSJ-speak like 'untapped market' which is obviously what they view illegal immigration as. Should have known it was Bill from 'grow the economy' and use of a wonkish term like 'unbanked'. 'And we will build on work already being done in San Francisco, where city officials, working with banks and credit unions, have already signed up 11,000 individuals who previously had no checking or savings account.' All 'Americans', right Bill?

Little off topic, but a fun story: Even Mexico is against liberal illegals policy. Mexico, Maine that is. The town's selectman sent a letter to the liberal Governor in protest of his sanctuary policies. You can see the story at my blog.

Unbanked, uninsured, undocumented Americans. You have to be able to decode the code. It means "kill Whitey".

It's all about Dismantling the USA and yes it mean kill white people by all means, sad to say TanstaafI that will happen and if people will not stand up that will be the end of all freedom and the ideals of right against wrong.

I agree with you two.....but how are we supposed to stand up and fight this? Our choices for new elected officials are all picked from the same lobby of treason by the elites and their media outlets. That leaves us US citizens not much choice besides an armed revolt. And I'm sure as hell NOT going to be involved in that. At least not yet.

Anonymous start talking out against this evil start making it understood you hate the pigs and join people who will fight back, the system is dead the enemy our inside the gate and you life will be taken by our enemies someday if you don't get into the face of the "foe" and above all stop thinking cops/government/local/state and city are the good guys, and buy Guns.

Newsflash Bill: The "American dream" is harder to achieve for native-born U.S. citizens because those of us in California who manage to stay self-sufficient are gutted by state and local taxes to pay for the third-world transplants you are cheer leading for. Start taking care of your citizens rather than Mexico's.

never going to happen JinLA The system needs the weapon of mass Population from the third world to remove us and to remove the ideals of the Bill of Rights.

High-level politicians, including Barack Obama, are in quest of limiting the American peoplesÂ’ access to on-demand, short term financial support. A number of cities and townships are attempting to enforce limitations on where these lawful businesses can operate. Still worse, is that several states, including Georgia and North Carolina, have effectively forced all-out bans on the trade, with several more trying to follow suit. Citizens all around the nation are looking to have their voices paid attention to by aggressive legislation that would eradicate the payday loan industry nationwide; Obama, and other mislead political officials, are pushing for an absolute ban in the name of personal political gain, in spite of the hundreds of thousands of eventual lost jobs in an already difficult economy. Post Courtesy of Personal Money Store Professional Blogging Team Feed Back: 1-866-641-3406 Home: Blog:

I think it sounds like a good program.