HuffPost blogger telepathically steals my idea, re: Bush in bubble

One of Arianna Huffington's minions offers "Bush Pays Surprise Visit to Reality":

President George W. Bush departed from his planned itinerary on Labor Day to make a surprise visit to reality, later calling the two-hour stop in the real world "informative." ...For Mr. Bush, the visit to reality, while brief, was still significant because it represented his first visit to the real world since being elected President in 2000...

For a few days now, I've been thinking of writing a similar, Onion-style post called "Bush Finally Told Truth". In my post, Bush would have been kept completely in the dark about everything bad that's happened during his presidency, and on some certain day he was finally going to be told the truth about his low approval ratings, the state of Iraq, what happened during Katrina, the various resignations, etc. I was actually quite close to writing that over the past couple days. Odd.


Good ideals are always being taken by other's and face facts most have no Ideals, its normal. But come-on you know Bush understands it all and people love that Bush Butt, we all understand Bush OR DO WE? READ Sunni organization in mexico city, its called centor cultueral Islamico or CCIM, its coming down to within 20 years mexico city and its little people will be jihad people and it all is right in line with La Raza. Let us all start thinking Gothic and acting like Americans with a will to win this war against the evil force of the third world drug dealers, Think Right against wrong.

When the stock market shot up a couple months ago, I said, "Don't tell Bush! He'll wreck that too!" Somebody blabbed.

Bush isn't destroying this country for money. He's doing what many many smart people have told him to do, because he thinks it's the right thing to do. And it will make _them_ alot of money.