Obama sought advice from Cecilia Munoz, urged her to join his administration (Deb Price/Detroit News puffball piece)

Deb Price of the Detroit News offers "Obama turns to Mich. native" about Cecilia Munoz, a former official with the far-left, illegal immigration-supporting, extremist-funding National Council of La Raza (link). The article is a complete, Soviet-level puff piece and completely fails to note the questionable activities of her former organization. And, bearing in mind that what people say might not fully reflect reality especially in articles like this, Munoz says:

"When (Obama) had questions about policy, he would call [Munoz when she was at NCLR]. He really developed those kinds of relationships with people. I learned his openness to counsel and advice and guidance.. ...He twisted my arm pretty hard [to join the administration]... ...He told me he wouldn't take 'no' for an answer. And that he and the first lady were determined to make this a family-friendly White House."

What the last means is anyone's guess; certainly others working in the White House have children. Perhaps she was just making a reference to the "Hispanics are family oriented" talking point. The rest of the article is worthless fluff, such as this:

"Every day has surprises and mysteries that have to be solved and every day is really truly an adventure here, but in a wonderful way," says Muñoz, who wears her University of Michigan class ring and displays a Wolverine bumper sticker in her West Wing office.


She is an Anti American skank of the highest order. A true enemy of English speaking and law abbiding citizens. Need I say more?