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Chad Readapted
Seattle, WA
Seattlite w/a thick Southern accent my husband loves. Classic film lover, gym-ish w/80s tunes always playing in my head. We’re in the dangerous timeline.#Resist
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From @jbillinson
Thinking about the time Mark Wahlberg told Men's Journal he could have stopped 9/11
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From @Futureboy2K
@jbillinson @swin24 He couldn’t even stop Ted 2.
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From @EvanDonovan
@Futureboy2K @jbillinson @swin24 Savage
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Those like you are part of the reason why Trump won & will be reelected. You being worthless parasites aside, do we know all the major relevant facts about 9/11? MT @EvanDonovan [cutesy quip] MT @Futureboy2K [cutesy quip] MT jbillinson [cutesy quip about Mark Wahlberg & 9/11]