Dave Weigel /Slate /Reason Magazine lies about Obama birth certificate issue

Dave Weigel of Reason Magazine takes to the webpages of Slate to offer "Change They Can Litigate/The fringe movement to keep Barack Obama from becoming president" (link). It contains at least one lie and several misleading statements (I didn't read the whole thing, so there's probably more).

The lie is his claim concerning the "state of Hawaii's official statement that the certificate was legitimate". There is no such statement; they only said the cert was on file and in fact it would have been illegal for them to verify the certificate shown on Obama's site without his authorization, something he hasn't given.

He also refers to the "birth announcement for Obama from the Aug. 13, 1961, edition of the Honolulu Advertiser". Yet, that announcement only contains his parents names and their address and does not state where he was born.

See the summary of this issue for all the details.

3/22/10 UPDATE: In August, 2009, the state of Hawaii admitted that they haven't authenticated the picture of a certificate shown on Obama's site. That directly contradicts Weigle's claim. Also since this was posted, the state of Hawaii has issued another statement, and in neither one do they say that the certificate (as Weigel means it, the picture shown on Obama's site) is legitimate as Weigel claims. Both statements are very short, so if you trust David Wiegel, please read them: the first is here and the second is here. There's nothing in either that backs up Weigle's claim, and Hawaii has admitted that they haven't authenticated the picture shown on Obama's site.

Also, here's a longer discussion of the birth announcements.


If somehow Obama is disqualified as president (which I doubt, especially considering he did win the election with a majority of the vote), it would mean that Joe Biden is president, and in some ways he seems more liberal than Barrack Obama.

A birth cerificate would mean something if we happened to be living in a country under laws, but this nation is now under the control of others who hate laws and duty, forget about rights and laws and duty that is a dead idea, and soon many who have stood up and talked out against this take over by foreign political and soon military powers will be real sad, see history of hitler and the camp system, many will be going soon.