Is it correct to doubt Barack Obama's patriotism, as Joe the Plumber did?

Ali Frick from ThinkProgress - whose parent fund is linked to the Obama campaign - breathlessly informs us that "Joe the Plumber" apparently just said something we're supposed to be shocked about (link):

McCain has fought and bled for our country, and loves our country. There's too many questions with Barack Obama and his loyalty to our country. And I question that greatly... ...his ideology is something that is completely different than what democracy stands for, so I had some question there. In my opinion...

He really shouldn't have said that, and he might find his campaign appearances curtailed as a result.

However, moving away from the political correctness, it's not that difficult to question the patriotism of many of our leaders due to the fact that, while they go through the proper motions, many of them also appear to be "trading for their own account" and/or basically supporting a globalist agenda rather than a completely U.S.-friendly agenda.

For an example, see George Bush making a pledge to the Mexican government to change the U.S. laws in a way that most Americans don't support. I called him a quisling at that time, and I still would call him that and I'd do it on the TV should I ever be elevated to JTP status. In that case, Bush clearly wasn't putting the U.S. first; he was putting the corrupt elites of the U.S. and Mexico first, but not the U.S. as a whole.

And, to a certain extent a similar argument could be made against John McCain as well over the same issue. Now, of course, the arguments above concern a different field than JTP was discussing, but also of course he can't discuss that for fear of McCain being implicated in the same charge.

In Obama's case, the only problem is that he hasn't yet reached the point where, like Bush, he can fully manifest his own issues with loyalty to the U.S.; he only visited Mexico in college and has yet to make a trip there to try to sell us out.

However, we do have a few data points already. For instance, Obama supports the anti-American DREAM Act, something that would take college educations away from U.S. citizens in order to give them to citizens of foreign countries who are here illegally.

And, not too long ago, Obama was regurgitating reconquista/MEChA talking points.

What JTP said was definitely rough around the edges, but for those who've been following along he's correct in general.

Note also that the ever-classy Josh Marshall offers "Joe the Skinhead" (, a post that contains no evidence that JTP is a skinhead but simply smears him as such.


The system has been sold to other people and joe is just the start of the smell of the third world. Obama and his odor will murder million's of Americans and if its not obama smell it will be McCain odor of evil that will be the end of our world and the start of the third world evil. we all know this fact and like Rome and its people we look away and walk away from that fact. it is great sadness when i think of all the guys who have been killed in all the wars to see this time of evil come on us all.

I'm not a big flag waver myself, and am a little suspicous of people who make a huge deal of "patriotism", since it's often of the ostentatious variety that I personally could not espouse myself. But his wife did say she was never proud of America until her husband had success on the campaign trail. And, well, they are married.

"Un-American". Uh huh. Giving opportunities to immigrants is "un-American" now. I suppose you think the pilgrims came over on the Bering land bridge? Or that God planted them here? Obama believes that America is the greatest nation on the face of the earth and is eager to prove it. Conservatives only believe in "American interests" because they happen to have been born here. It's selfishness, not principle. This is why conservatives say "My country right or wrong." They don't care if America is dragged through the mud as long as we never have to face the consequences. That's not patriotism.

This is NOT the Immigration of "Olden Times" This is MEXICO doing everything it can to create an ILLEGAL MEXICAN NATION within the very borders of the USA ! Aiding,abetting, and even urging its people to illegally emigrate to the USA,calling them "heroes","those who will think Mexico First into the 7th Generation, using its 47 Mexican consulates spread over the USA as "beachheads",issuing its own I.D. cards and acting as a Shadow government through its Institute of Mexicans Abroad !! In Los Angeles Mexican illegals all believe Obama will let Mexico take over Southern California after he wins but still call it part of the USA! Pres. Calderon said"Mexico is wherever there is a Mexican" See todays editorial at intellectual conservative by Frosty W.

"Un-American". Uh huh. Giving opportunities to immigrants is "un-American" now." It always has been un-American to put the interests of foreigners above the interests of your own countrymen. What you are saying amounts to treason. Some war veterans need to give you an ass-whoopin' to remind you who you are indebted to you treasonous pig. Nations do not spring up from the ground dumbass. I am not an immigrant, I was born here. I did not sneak across the border in the dead of night like a common thief. Your comparison is just more nonsensical leftist drivel. We have a right to self-determination under natural law. Get over it or start your own country Einstein. Better yet, give me your address so I can make your home my home. I am just trying to make a better life for myself, so you should have no problem telling me where you live so I can squat on your parcel. And if you don't care for yourself or your country then you don't deserve to live here. Go to France or Canada if you don't like your countrymen. We don't want treasonous scum like you here anyway.

The people of the world will come here not for freedom or rights but to get something for nothing its the plan of evil doers who are all white so when the time comes you will know your real Enemy and your real duty to your Nation.