"Conservative group targets Bush over immigration"

From this:

Fed up with what they say is the Bush administration's failure to address a growing illegal immigration problem, a small group of conservatives has launched a series of radio ads seeking to convince voters to oust President Bush from office.

Last week, a group called Friends of the Border Patrol began a series of ads on KABC-AM in Los Angeles blasting Bush for "playing politics with national security."

The group plans on running the same ads in Arizona starting this week, before the Oct. 13 presidential debate in Phoenix, and in the following weeks in Nevada and New Mexico, a spokesman for the group said.

...Ron Prince, the chairman of Friends of the Border Patrol, said that he believes that Bush could lose Arizona as well [as NM and NV].

...[sources say] the impetus for forming the group and airing the radio ads came during a July 24 rally at the Temecula Border Patrol station...

Ramirez said he and Prince "just looked at each other and realized ... we've got to do something about this."


Bush's immigration policy is an absolute disgrace and treasonous to our country. I have changed my political affiliation from Republican to unaffiliated over this issue. Because of Bush(also his slow progress in the War on Terror), never again will I vote for someone merely because they have an R after their name.