"Mexico arrests top migrant smuggler"

From this:

The alleged leader [was arrested in Mexicali where he] was caught with a group of Iraqis and Iranians en route to the United States, according to Mexican officials Montoya is reportedly also wanted by the FBI.

In case you missed that, he was caught with a group of "Iraqis and Iranians en route to the United States." Hey, maybe they were just coming here to work. Or, maybe not. But, should we really be putting human smugglers in charge of determining whether someone should be admitted to the U.S.?


Does this mean that Mexico would actually do something that is in our interest? Or are they protecting their investment in some politicians who are beholden to them? Or could it be that what those big dealers may consider to be the worst-case scenario, might be that in which one of the candidates loses, because of terrorist incidents, which were well-known to have been preventable by being less solicitous of the contraband-shippers' preferences?