S.744 Immigration bill - Sec. 3609: RESPONSIBILITIES OF SECRETARY OF STATE

    (a) In General- The Secretary of State shall ensure that each United States diplomatic mission has a person who shall be responsible for receiving information from any worker who has been subject to violations of this subtitle.

    (b) Provision of Information- The responsible person referred to in subsection (a) shall ensure that the information received is provided to the Department of Justice, the Department of Labor, or any other relevant Federal agency.

    (c) Mechanisms- The Attorney General and the Secretary shall ensure that there is a mechanism for any actions that need to be taken in response to information received under subsection (a).

    (d) Assistance From Foreign Government- The person designated for receiving information pursuant to this subsection is strongly encouraged to coordinate with governments and civil society organizations in the countries of origin to ensure the worker receives additional support.

    (e) Maintenance and Availability of Information- The Secretary of State shall ensure that consulates maintain information regarding the identities of foreign labor contractors and the employers to whom the foreign labor contractors supply workers. The Secretary of State shall make such information publically available in written form and on-line, including on the websites of United States embassies in the official language of that country.

    (f) Annual Public Disclose- The Secretary of State shall make publically available on-line, on an annual basis, data disclosing the gender, country of origin and state, if available, date of birth, wage, level of training, and occupation category, disaggregated by job and by visa category.