S.744 Immigration bill - Sec. 3607: MAINTENANCE OF LISTS

    (a) In General- The Secretary shall maintain--

      (1) a list of all foreign labor contractors registered under this subsection, including--

        (A) the countries from which the contractors recruit;

        (B) the employers for whom the contractors recruit;

        (C) the visa categories and occupations for which the contractors recruit; and

        (D) the States where recruited workers are employed; and

      (2) a list of all foreign labor contractors whose certificate of registration the Secretary has revoked.

    (b) Updates; Availability- The Secretary shall--

      (1) update the lists required by subsection (a) on an ongoing basis, not less frequently than every 6 months; and

      (2) make such lists publicly available, including through continuous publication on Internet websites and in written form at and on the websites of United States embassies in the official language of that country.

    (c) Inter-agency Availability- The Secretary shall share the information described in subsection (a) with the Secretary of State