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Tom Royce
Wilmington, NC
So who is Tom Royce? Well, I love marketing, branding, and finding ways to engage prospects and clients. Plus I am a Dad and a hockey fan as well.
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From @TomFitton
And now I see @dbongino is also being censored. This coup has led to mass censorship, at the urging of leftist publ…
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From @TomRoyce
@TomFitton @dbongino @realDonaldTrump Tom, please, please, please file a FOIA to get any correspondence between You…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TomRoyce: @TomFitton has no clue about what Twitter actually does. Create a test Twitter account and look at Ajit Pai's replies. Those behind 'Show more replies' are censored & most are from his opponents. Fitton *helps* Twitter by shrinking their potential opposition.