S.744 Immigration bill - Sec. 3601: DEFINITIONS

    (a) In General- Except as otherwise provided by this subtitle, the terms used in this subtitle shall have the same meanings, respectively, as are given those terms in section 3 of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (29 U.S.C. 203).

    (b) Other Definitions-

      (1) FOREIGN LABOR CONTRACTOR- The term `foreign labor contractor' means any person who performs any foreign labor contracting activity, including any person who performs foreign labor contracting activity wholly outside of the United States, except that the term does not include any entity of the United States Government.

      (2) FOREIGN LABOR CONTRACTING ACTIVITY- The term `foreign labor contracting activity' means recruiting, soliciting, hiring, employing, sponsoring, managing, furnishing, processing visa applications for, transporting, or housing an individual who resides outside of the United States in furtherance of employment in the United States, including when such activity occurs wholly outside of the United States.

      (3) PERSON- The term `person' means any natural person or any corporation, company, firm, partnership, joint stock company or association or other organization or entity (whether organized under law or not), including municipal corporations.

      (4) SECRETARY- The term the `Secretary' means the Secretary of Labor.

      (5) WORKER- the term `worker' means an individual or exchange visitor who is the subject of foreign labor contracting activity.