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Sydney, Australia
ᛟ Misanthrope, lawyer, freemason, pilot, academic (LLB BCS GDLP MSE JD(ABT)) illuminati shill, parrhesiastes, and all around kickin’ rad internet shitposter. ᛟ
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From @PrisonPlanet
Randomly started losing Twitter followers for the first time ever after my suspension. I'm sure this is just a co…
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From @bashpr0mpt
@PrisonPlanet I went from huge interaction to near 0 interaction in the last few months after a suspension for puff…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@bashpr0mpt: as a lawyer, review how @PrisonPlanet, Breitbart, etc have opposed #Twitter censorship. They've whined about it for years yet it continues. Doesn't that indicate they'e doing it wrong? They reduce the opposition to censorship by falsely making it all about cons.
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From @bashpr0mpt
@24AheadDotCom_ @PrisonPlanet That's a damned good point. I'm a centrist and I've been censored more than…