Can Tea Party or any conservative leader show how even Sally Kohn is wrong? (John Derbyshire, Colorlines, Fox News)

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Sally Kohn is a Fox News contributor who's one of the dumbest liberals [1] that's given access to a microphone. However - despite how easy she makes it - I doubt whether anyone in the Tea Parties or any conservative leaders [2] can show how she's wrong in her latest screed.

Her screed is called "'The Talk' With My White Daughter: Don't Be Like John Derbyshire" (link). Showing her readers how it's wrong would be a public service in that it would reduce her influence as well as that of Colorlines Magazine.

Yet, those who present themselves as the Only True Opposition to the far-left cannot and will not do it. I've already discussed in the entry and the comments of the previous post about Derbyshire why that's so and why it's an issue (if you're confused by this post, see that link and my comments).

So, this is another chance for Teapartiers and anyone else in the Conservative Movement to show me wrong.

In fact, I'll even highlight the paragraph where they can start:

Conservative fascists like Mr. Derbyshire will try to convince you that black people deserve blame. They will tell you that black people earn less because they don’t work hard and are less intelligent than white people, and that black people commit more crimes than white people and, thus, are more inherently dangerous. These are lies. For instance, the between 1974 and 2004 and found that 52 percent of offenders were black, while 46 percent of offenders were white. Even this slight discrepancy may arguably be due to disparities in policing and arrests (note, for instance, that as of this writing George Zimmerman has still not been arrested). But if you want to run your life according to crime statistics, you’d be wiser to note that most crimes against white people are committed by white people—for instance, 86 percent of white homicide victims are killed by white people. So instead of Mr. Derbyshire’s advice to avoid black neighborhoods, especially given the fact that you’re a young woman, you would be more wise to avoid any building with a large concentration of young white men and one or more Greek letters on the door.

If Teaparty and conservative leaders are what they present themselves as, they should be able to show why that's wrong and then they should be able to make sure that at least some of Kohn's readers see it.

Why that won't happen is discussed in the last post.

[1] To an extent I'd like to exclude celebrity airheads from the list of those Kohn is compared with, but I don't think it's really necessary. I first realized how far Kohn was out of it after seeing her video about the Teaparties: I'm not, of course, a Teaparty supporter: I just want them to be opposed in much more honest, insightful, and effective ways.

[2] By "leaders", I don't mean those who are openly on the right side of cultural matters. By "leaders" I mean: political leaders, establishment media columnists, those given airtime (Erick Erickson, Dana Loesch, etc.) and their affiliates, and major generalist bloggers.