Can Teaparty show how Annie-Rose Strasser is wrong about Derbyshire's "The Talk" column?

The answer to the titular question is, of course, "no".

John Derbyshire offers "The Talk: Nonblack Version", a very politically-incorrect post with tips for his Eurasian children when dealing with African-Americans (link). ThinkProgress writer Annie Rose Strasser responds with "National Review Writer Pens Racist Screed: 'Avoid Concentrations Of Blacks,' 'Stay Out Of' Their Neighborhoods" (link). "Derb" is, once again, very politically incorrect, but he's also largely right (when you read the whole thing and note his various disclaimers). In contrast, Strasser is very politically-correct, and she misleads about what "Derb" wrote to boot. There are good, logical arguments that could be made against Derbyshire's piece, but what Strasser offers isn't one of them. And, enablers like Strasser contribute to the problems Derbyshire discusses.

It would certainly serve the interests of the Teapartiers to try to show Strasser's audience how she's wrong. She works for a blog that's run by the Obama administration-linked Center for American Progress, and they're major (and frequently dishonest) opponents of the Teapartiers. Instead of taking the easy (for me) step of showing how Teapartiers are wrong about policy and tactics, ThinkProgress concentrates on doing what they're doing in the current case: misleading and playing the race card.

And, it would certainly serve the public interest to show Strasser's audience how she's wrong. She's enabling the problems Derbyshire discusses: rather than seeking solutions, she would just paper over the problems by smearing those who discuss those problems.

That's where the Tea Partiers come in. They present themselves as the One and Only True Opposition to the far-left and smear anyone who doesn't agree with them 100%. They present themselves as the One and Only True Opposition to those like Strasser, yet:

* Teapartiers are incapable of showing Strasser's audience how she's wrong.

* Teapartiers are unwilling to show Strasser's audience how she's wrong.

* And, to make all that worse, Teapartiers are unable to understand the value of showing Strasser's audience how she's wrong (note: calling someone false names isn't showing how they're wrong). Teapartiers think that because they dismiss something, that means everyone else will.

Those in the Tea Parties movement (see the link) present themselves as the only opposition to the far-left, yet they're incapable of intellectually challenging even the lightest weights of the far-left such as Strasser. So, what good are they?