Bush commutes sentences for Ramos/Compean (not a pardon)

George W Bush has commuted the sentences of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, who were convicted of having shot a later-convicted drug smuggler in 2005. Note that he did not pardon them, so felony convictions will remain on their records.

The exact motivation for this is unclear; Bush could have taken action any time over the last couple of years. Perhaps Bush had a last minute change of heart, or perhaps this is a desperate attempt to rescue his legacy among the GOP base.

Expect several "liberals" to greet this news by standing on the other side, arm in arm with those who profit from illegal immigration, such as the Mexican government.


Deleted the whole post huh? Anyway, don't forget the part about shooting an unarmed fleeing suspect in the back, picking up the spent shell casings and then not reporting the incident?

well i any happy for the two BP Guys, both did not have that coming jail is evil prison is hell. both guys got to write a book about the facts of this out-right rape of laws.

Why do the Ramos/Compean sentences end on March 20th? Why not tomorrow? The news reports seem incurious about this little mystery.

An unarmed drug smuggler? What the hell are you smoking, fool? And don't forget the part that they were convicted under a law that was never meant to be used against law enforcement, you piece of shit.

yes why the march 20th? both have been attacked in prison both have been beaten and i hope both write a book we need to understand what really happened