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Ronan Farrow
Investigative reporter | @HBO | @newyorker | Tips to | Fmr undiplomatic diplomat | Bad lawyer | CATCH AND KILL is out now, buy here:
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From @RonanFarrow
Two @nytimes reporters, @rpogrebin and @katekelly, spent months independently reporting out Deborah Ramirez’s alleg…
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From @denisewu
@RonanFarrow @nytimes @rpogrebin @katekelly Barr is about to give Kavanaugh an award next week. GOP just don’t care
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@denisewu: as reality shows, it's not just GOP that doesn't care about all these #TheResistance scandals, it's most Americans. There are smart ways @RonanFarrow could have undercut Trump to his base, but he's only about getting on TV to sell his books.