Border Patrol agent allegedly intentionally poisoned (Tucson)

Earlier this year, a Border Patrol agent in the Tucson sector named Denton Moberly was allegedly poisoned using a pesticide while eating at some sort of restaurant. The details haven't been publicly released, but a summary is here and a site with updates is here. Supposedly several agencies are involved in the investigation, and presumably his co-workers are correctly hinting that it was an intentional poisoning at a restaurant.

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Enrique Morones threatened Minuteman members that their food might be poisoned
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At the same time thousands of Americans are poisoned by foods imported by countries without the regulations we used to have in place to protect us. If Al Queda wanted to get us all they'd have to do would be to sell us some tainted produce or medicine.....maybe they are already!

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53,00 children SICK from tainted milk in China!

This did NOT happen in Tucson. It happened in Montana.

in the eyes of our enemies we are terrorists for not letting the people of the third world kill us all. its all in how you look at evil doers.