Ask John McCain about the impacts of amnesty ("comprehensive immigration reform")

Here's a question you're urged to ask John McCain at one of his public events. Make sure and videotape the question and the answer, and then upload it to Youtube and other sites. If anyone asks this I can provide follow-ups, and of course feel free to adapt it to your speaking style or remove parts of the first paragraph as necessary:

Senator McCain: the immigration "reform" you support will give a great deal of political power to groups on the far-left (ACLU, SPLC), racial power groups (NCLR, LULAC, MALDEF), the Democrats, the Mexican government, and others. And, all those groups currently fight against almost all forms of immigration enforcement, whether through law suits, the media, or other means.

If "reform" passes, which of these do you think is more likely:

1. Those groups will support "reform"-mandated enforcement.

2. Those groups will use their greatly increased political power to even more effectively fight against immigration enforcement.


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