City of Tucson partners with Guadalajara; "Regional Economic Integration" with Mexican state (Sonora)

From this:
Tucson has signed an agreement to promote regional economic development with the Mexican city of Guadalajara.

Global Advantage, a University of Arizona Office of Economic Development program signed the agreement with a sister-agency in Guadalajara...

The venture's partners are Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities, Inc., Tucson Chamber of Commerce, The Metropolitan Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Tucson Airport Authority, MatchMex, Arizona Department of Commerce, Tucson-Mexico Sister Cities and UA.
See the comments for more, such as the suggestion that this arrangement is unconstitutional.

The comments also mention the "Arizona-Sonora Economic Region"; Guadalajara is in another Mexican state, but Sonora is contiguous with Arizona. It's governor Eduardo Bours has been mentioned here before. The ASER ties into the first agreement as a means of integrating the U.S. and Mexican economies. See also this. And, from
The Arizona – Sonora Regional Economic Indicators project, initiated in 1997, monitors the region’s progress towards economic integration and global competitiveness... The indicators represent an original way of measuring the two neighboring states of Arizona and Sonora as a single economic region.


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One can understand the desire for this from the point of view of the Mexicans.