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Washington, DC
Supreme Court lawyer; law professor; extremist centrist. Former Acting Solicitor General of United Sts. All views mine, no one else's.
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Incredible essay. Worth reading.
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@neal_katyal "But no president since the Civil War has been more uninterested in the rhetoric of healing and unity…
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.@MarkBardell1: four years later, you'd think Trump's supposed opponents would realize he craves their outrage. He & his fans drink your tears, as they say. @PhilipKennicott & @neal_katyal either aren't smart enough to realize they help Trump, or they don't care. Which is it?
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.@neal_katyal: how about engaging Trump in debate on video at one of his events: ? Who'd win, you or him?
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MT @neal_katyal: "So-called judge"? As the former top courtroom lawyer for the federal govt,I've never seen a president attack sitting judge