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Shana Bernstein
@Northwestern University
Historian of Civil Rights, Social Justice Movements, Multiracial Coalitions; Author; Professor; Teacher; Mother; fan of mountains, oceans, and farmers' markets.
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1200 scholars, unable to learn from history, sign letter against Trump: @ShanaBernstein_ #Trump2016
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I am adding my name to this open letter from U.S. historians:
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@LDBurnett What's the secret code word?
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@jondresner send @ShanaBernstein_ your name, affiliation, field, email address. I googled & emailed her at her university email address.
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.@LDBurnett @jondresner: as wannabe signers of the "1200 historians" letter, you're like Margaret Dumont or a yanqui in a Cantinflas movie.