43 illegal aliens arrested... in Hawaii

Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 43 illegal aliens from Mexico at an apartment complex in Waipahu, Oahu, Hawaii last weekend (link). They're apparently agricultural workers, and it should be interesting to find out how they got there. Another interesting thing to consider is the contortions the Mexican government would have to go through to claim Hawaii as part of the Mexican Nation.


You do know who is really running Hawaii for the last 50 years?, its our chinese friends about 30 to 40 years ago the Japanese got bought out so the chinese mainland people have been getting mexicans for the last 20 years at one time the chinese use mainland chinese workers so this is not news its old news, in fact back in the 1960's when china was not our best friend in the world that is how chinese got into the main land of the USA AND Did a hell of alot of espionge. also the chinese best friends in the world! are also using Hawaii to take out of chinese over 100,000 old people per year and get the old reds on our old age pension but that is for another story, I understand that LaRaza said Hawaii is also part of mexico, just wait until some LaRaza dick weed comes up with his claims.

The coast guard used to run random inspections of the Catalina island ferries searching for illegal aliens & other contraband, they (the govt) killed the inspection program, now they have a gang problem on Catalina itself along with plunging wages and rising rents for all the locals that have to work for a living.

If you are unfortunate enough to watch "Dog: The Bounty Hunter", which filmed a lot in Hawaii, you'll notice that a lot of their "bounties" are Hispanic.

eh is great, Mark its all about who gets the money.

You mean to tell me the mestizo/aztec empire does not extend into Polynesia? I thought this sort of irredentism had no boundaries. Look at Michigan and Chicago, for example. Before you know it they will find illegal mexicans working in Antarctica.