Barack Obama's "civilian national security force" (????)

Back on July 2, Barack Obama read his "public service" address, and it contained this line that hasn't received much notice:

"We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set... We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded."

What the Sam Hill? There's nothing at his Service page ( discussing anything near such a program. He wants to increase the size of Americorps, create a "Homeland Security Corps", create other specialized groups, and give more power and equipment to the Reserves and Guard. But, considering that the U.S. military budget is nearly half a trillion dollars and they've got bunker busters and nuclear submarines and things like that, one might expect some sort of inkling of a plan.

And, of course, there's the creepy nature of his proposal, but nothing new there.

UPDATE: VOA News also has the BHO quote here. You can hear the quote at around the 16 minute mark of the video below. As discussed here, the quote is missing from the remarks as prepared for delivery as printed in the Denver Post and the WSJ. Why he'd say something in his speech that was different from the prepared remarks isn't clear, and it will be interesting to see which version the campaign puts on their website, if they ever do put it on their site.

UPDATE 2: Also see this discussion of the funding for whatever BHO was proposing. And see these:

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So Obama wants his own SS?? This guy gets scarier every day......And his ego is getting so big I don't think it will fit in that stadium where he hopes to make his acceptance speech. This guy is a LUNATIC!!

Of course, the first people his CNSF will come for are those folks who supported him into office. Most of these folks are just plain ol' dumb dems, who will be upset when they discover the Messiah is actually a Maoist. Let the bloodbaths begin! This is indeed sad, as our beloved Hillary would have placed people like me in shinny new re-education camps. Now all I'll get, if I'm lucky, is some dismal cell in some god-forsaken spot on the Alaskan tundra where mosquitoes will suck all my blood out.

As I noted on another blog this week, what color shirts will the 'security force' be wearing?

You forgot the Re-Education Corp that will strive to change all the non-believers into acolytes.

Does it come complete with the Red, White and Blue "dawning of a new age" w/O coming over the horizon arm band?

What? What's the big deal? I mean it'll be like a militarized CIA that works domestically to spy on Americans and make sure we're all towing the liberal line of thought. No ducks out of line means peace in our time, brother.

Obama's proposal is unconstitutional The federal government is not allowed to have a standing army operating within our borders. That is why we have the national guard. But the national guard belongs to the states. Sounds like Obama just has dreams of becoming a dictator.

What is this, Obama's version of the Stazi police?

Obama has no plan that is what his owners need, right now the so called USA Has a money collapse coming with billions on billions being controlled by rat's who hate our freedoms and want us all inside the third world. The rulers of the third world take the money you work for and buy young woman and bin homes here and its all for race reasons and mass murder is the watch word of the evil pigs who run our so called government and that is what OBama wants above all other things in other words gang rule and he wants you to become a dead prize of his race war against his hated enemy the white race just listen to what he is telling you, he has told you in his books and tapes but you are not listening to this evil little foreign monkey, he will do all he can to take you down and he is our enemy. listen to savage nation.

McCain voter here - Iraq war supporter, et cetera ... I read this more as a rhetorical flight of fancy with "as powerful" taken in the sense of "able to make change in the world" and not as giving the 101st Patchoulli Brigade the same technology as the military. Which isn't to say that Obama's a bit of a yutz who thinks that talking about change and hope suffices. 0-

If it pisses off the far-right, it's gotta be a good thing. OBAMA 2008

Voting for Obama? A risky choice in an uncertain world.

Is it not possible that Senator Barack Hussein could have been talking about education?

As part of the Youth Jobs Program the "Green Helpers" will wear neither black shirts nor brown, nor green nor red; no armbands either, but sun visors emblazoned with their snappy logo. Green Helpers will be recruited from at-risk inner-city youth. They will go from door-to-door to inspect each home. Critical legal issues will be resolved when courts determine they cannot be refused entry nor will they need warrents to inspect a home for 'green' violations.

I've long noticed those on the right are more concerned with solving problems than pissing off the opposition. Makes one wonder if leftists ever grew up.?

We've already been through this once... anybody remember the American Protective League [1] under Woodrow Wilson? [2] Wasn't once enough?

[1] en.wikipedia . org/wiki/American_Protective_League
[2] en.wikipedia . org/wiki/Woodrow_Wilson#American_Protective_League

Obama is just following what Hitler did in 1933 the so called civilian Security force would be just like Hitler SS..And we all know about all the public service work that the SS Did in the camps. and Obama could order his own troops into your homes if you get out of line, its called gang ideals of justice and freedom, meaning you would become the new jew over night.

Isn't the FBI a "national civilian security force"? How about the federal marshals? Do you honestly think the Congress would permit a corps of jack-booted thugs to trample on the Constitution? You conspiracy theorists need to get a life.

They already have Pete, thats why congress just made an ex post facto law immunizing the telecoms spying on americans already.

Passerby has it right. The rest of you idiots didn't listen to the speech, misquote it out of context, and fail to grasp the concept of hyperbole. I'm Obama-agnostic and a long time Ron Paul fan, but confronted with the sheer idiocy of the most vocal anti-Obama people, I'm tempted to vote for him just so I don't identify with them.

We already have a National Civilian Security Force and it is called the Minutemen. Of course you know that the Minutemen are mutherfucked to high heaven by everybody in our Gubment. However, Obamas idea of a Civilian Security Force is just ducky with all the politically correct, tax suckin bastards in the Gubment. Why is that?

Nation of Islam thugs and Gestapo coming to your neighborhood.