Barack Obama wants Clean Energy Corps to fight global warming; was it my idea?

Barack Obama's speechwriters continue their sales job, today giving BHO a speech to read about public service. And, on his site you can find a "Plan for Universal Voluntary Public Service" (, where he informs us that "this will be a cause of my presidency". I can hardly wait!


Obama will expand AmeriCorps from 75,000 slots today to 250,000 and he will focus this expansion on addressing the great challenges facing the nation. He will establish a Classroom Corps to help teachers and students, with a priority placed on underserved schools; a Health Corps to improve public health outreach; a Clean Energy Corps to conduct weatherization and renewable energy projects; a Veterans Corps to assist veterans at hospitals, nursing homes and homeless shelters; and a Homeland Security Corps to help communities plan, prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Surely it must be a coincidence that back in April I uploaded the video "Green Pioneers: stop global warming & safeguard environment!" which is, unbeknownst to some Youtube viewers, a satire:

If anyone has a blog at Obama's site, let me suggest seeing how many Pioneers features you can propose as part of his plans without anyone catching on.